Unlocking the unlimited potential of 21st Century heart-centered, self-empowerd Superhuman learners and leaders.

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Help your child develop into their best self in action, possessing a stronger sense of empathy, leadership and self-esteem. The powerful Genuine LiLi Key and corresponding interactive children's book, games and messaging can turn ordinary children into Superhuman learners and leaders. Preliminary results show children can also experience decreased frustration, anxiety and even screen addictions. Buy a book as a gift for a loved one, or for someone you don't know waiting on our scholarship list, or join our VIP pilot program  and pay just S&H! The VIP pilot program will test our our preliminary results in a statistically significant way and is currently enrolling for a limited time for Pre-K to 5th graders. Readers become leaders. 


A Message From Our Founder

Walk Through the Open Doors

Deep in my heart was an infinite well of unleashed potential that I yearned to bring to the world in a way that just wasn't entirely possible within the construct of a book up-cycling distribution platform. 

The decision to leave the future of Promising Pages to new leadership came with much support and encouragement. Notably, from that of my very dear friend of 25 years, Kent Matthew Moss. Unfortunately, Kent tragically passed away just days before Christmas, but when we last spoke, just hours before his passing, he guided me one final time from this earthly plane. He urged me to move forward, to think bigger, to boldly chart uncharted waters with the goal of  helping millions of children thrive and believe in themselves while cultivating their own seeds of greatness. I promised. He promised to help by opening up doors just like he did for me and so many others when he was still here...

After talking some very much needed time to regroup and spend with my very young family, I'm finding those open doors and I'm boldly and faithfully walking through them. I will continue to do so until our collective vision and promise fruitfully impacts the lives of millions of children across the globe. My heart is soaring and my vision is bolder than ever. It's been a real, and sometimes raw journey of courage and faith to get here, a journey that I plan to share in full with you when the time is right. 

I'd like to extend a special thank you to those of you who  never stopped believing in me and who have guided me through this important leadership transition.  I'm back, and brighter than ever and I can't wait to help change the world with LiVING LiBRARIES. Stay tuned for more and please join our mailing list below!

With Immense Love and Gratitude,

Kristi Cruise

President and CEO


Our Mission

To utilize educational, emotional, and social capital to creatively and collaboratively unlock the unlimited potential of self-empowered, heart-centered, resilient and coherent 21st century Superhumans. 

Enter the age of the of the Living Libraries, or LiLis {Lee-Lees} for short. LiLi's care deeply about reading and learning so they can positively impact the world around them. 

LiLis embody:

  • Reading and Education
  • Arts and Culture
  • Health and Human Services
  • the Environment and Animals, and....


About Us

LiLi Leadership


From the creator of Promising Pages comes LiVING LiBRARIES--an empowering, and never before seen, social venture. 

LiVING LiBRARIES boasts award- winning leadership in both the for-profit, non-profit and educational sector. 

Promising Partnerships


 LiVING LiBRARIES is currently developing and test piloting original curriculum, content and educational products delivered by Superhuman mascots as well as by business owners, elected officials and athletes.

Vibrant Vision


LiVING LiBRARIES is on a mission to provide educational services to transform millions of children across the globe into LiLi's--21st century heart-centered, self-empowered Superhumans who unlock their own unique and unlimited potential to better themselves and this world. Join us on our journey as we boldly transform the next generation of leaders and learners.