LiVING LiBRARIES is a new, interactive and multi-faceted branded platform that brings reading and learning to life. Programs are hosted by our LiVING LiBRARIES'  mascots LiBro and BibLi O. Teca, both who literally wear books on their person. Children are given the life-changing opportunity to transform into LiLi Superhumans-- real live Superheroes who have access to, and utilize tools which will unlock and cultivate their unlimited potential as learners and leaders. LiLi’s are 21st century heart-centered, self-empowered Superhumans who are on a mission to leave their Superhero mark of LiLi magnitude by collectively and individually contributing to upgrading the quality of human life for all. 

LiLis learn that small acts, done over time and with conviction, add up to enormous gains and notable positive changes. LiLis transform themselves so they can also transform the world. LiVING LiBRARIES’ products and curriculum help children and classrooms accomplish these bold goals. 

Program Offerings

Please download this list of our current programs. We are currently seeking in-school parters for spring and summer 2020. All in-school programs are completely customizable.  To apply please contact We do have a some limited funding/sponsorship dollars available for those who need it. 

LiLeaders Program

Are you a LiLeader?

There are already millions of LiVING LiBRARIES or LiLis living all across the world; they just don’t know they are LiLis yet. They are our parents and teachers, our elected officials, our entrepreneurs and business owners, our athletes and celebrities who are using their time, talents and treasure to make the world a better place. 

Some of best and brightest Li Leaders in the Charlotte community will be hand selected to participate in delivering a special section the LiLi ABC’s Curriculum to the students in our pilot program. This is a one time :30 to 1:30 commitment where the Li Leader gets to share their wisdom and knowledge with the class in an effort to inspire the young LiLi’s to unlock their own true potential so they too can grow up to be a great community Li Leader.Contact us below to nominate someone to participate as a Li Leader special guest in our programs. 


LiLiteraries Mentorship Program

Do you have 15 minutes a week to change a life?

The Living Literaries mentorship program aims to use technology to pair good-standing role models with our young Living Libraries. LiLis are students in our in-school and at-home programs who are using our books and supplemental materials and visits to increase literacy, leadership, empathy and self-esteem. The LiLis use their actual Keys to unlock books, which unlocks the gifts inside them. This process allows them to grow into the best versions of themselves. Our LiLis range from about ages 4 to 12 and come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, orientations and abilities. 

We know that not everyone has an hour plus travel time each week to become a traditional mentor or reading buddy. This  means there are a lot of kids waiting for mentors/tutors who will never come. To solve this critical problem of social capital and social support for our next generation of leaders, we aim to make this mentoring program as accessible and easy to follow as possible so that we can pair as  many Living Libraries (kids) and Living Literaries (you--mature older students/professionals) together as as possible. (Please invite your friends to become mentors!)

The time commitment is :15 a week or about 1 hour per month. Modes of communication and interaction include physical mail (pen pals), email, text, FaceTime, phone and in some cases, only where applicable and mutually agreed upon, in- person. (Your LiLis parent/guardian will help determine which modes of communication are most welcomed for the situation.) LiLiteraries are permitted, but are not required to send 2 personal gifts a year to the child, not to exceed $50, to with birthday and holidays being the preferred choices. (Please note, LiLiteraries are not permitted to lend money or pay bills to the LiLis family.)


Apply here today. We will contact you once a potential match has been made. 

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